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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-14
Because of gravity casting machine is always used in the production of aluminum alloy casting products, so also called aluminum alloy gravity casting machine. There will always be manufacturers wonder, why do I always black produced aluminum castings. Joe remind you, aluminum as the active metal, after reaching a certain temperature and humidity will be easy to oxidation blackening, therefore, when gravity casting machine production, pay attention to the subsequent processing of castings. Producers in gravity casting production process must pay attention to the effective control of casting speed and time, aluminum casting production is completed, attention should be paid to clear the surface of aluminum castings in time, if not completely clean may speed up the aluminum castings. Casting production staff should pay attention to wear gloves operation, prevent the skin direct contact with cast aluminum parts, castings, the attention should be paid to dry. In aluminum casting gravity casting machine production is completed, should pay attention to the placement of aluminum castings environment, to put aluminum castings in ventilation, dry environment, avoid direct sunlight. As long as don't let the noise of aluminum castings to it cannot afford the temperature and humidity, aluminum castings is not easy. Joe focus gravity casting machine for 15 years, welcome to customer contact, Joe.
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