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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-07
As a name with gravity casting machinery and equipment, the principle of gravity casting machine is obvious, it is by gravity processing technology to produce the product. Thousands of kilograms of even a few tons of machine to produce the impact of the nature is very strong, if the control is not good, gravity casting mould will be affected, will also affect the product performance. Joe's gravity casting machine is through electromagnetic flow valve to control the gravity of the impact, in the frame were rotated to the given position, through the intervention of electromagnetic flow valve, reduce the speed of the hydraulic cylinder, by reducing the speed to reduce the impact of the machinery, thus effectively control the impact brought by the gravity, also have no effect on the quality of products and molds. Bo Joe's the captain of the gravity casting wide there are many kinds of specifications, can place the mold size is adjustable, so in terms of size, its operation elasticity is very big. The workbench is rotated Angle 0 90 degrees, speed can be manually adjusted according to the processing needs. Bo Joe's gravity casting machine, of course, is to support custom production, welcome to customer contact, Joe.
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