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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-08
What would you call gravity casting machine? Bo Jo heard a customer consultation before gravity die casting machine. This claim, but there is no gravity die casting machine only gravity casting machine die casting machine and the two machine, gravity casting machine is also known as gravity casting machine, also write 'casting machine', two kinds of machines used in casting method is different, let Joe explain it for you. Gravity casting machine casting gravity casting principle is the principle, is relying on gravity to the aluminum flow of die casting process. And use the centrifugal casting process, also belong to the scope of the gravity casting, gravity casting machine is usually used in production of internal parts with complicated shape. Die casting machine is to use the principle of pressure casting, that is, through the mechanical force pour the liquid metal into 圧 shot chamber, again through the linear motion of the injection screw and injection head pressure, forcing the aluminum liquid filling into the mould. General die casting machine are casting shape complex but under the condition of internal structure is relatively simple to use. Joe focus gravity casting production for 14 years, if you have any need, welcome to contact Joe.
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