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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-07
Aluminum alloy casting industries indispensable a casting equipment - — Gravity casting machine, it can be used to produce a lot of industry production, such as used to produce medical equipment, tableware, automobile parts, electrical accessories, etc. Has been said of gravity casting machine can produce many kinds of casting products, but you know what the concrete can be used to produce? To tell you about today, Joe. Gravity casting machine in the production of aluminum alloy castings, due to its excellent casting performance, is widely used in the engine cylinder block and other auto parts production. Use gravity casting machine in the car wheel production has achieved a certain status, aluminum wheel hub because of light weight, good heat dissipation, and has a good appearance, and gradually replace the steel hub, is also the main materials of the current wheel industry. Second, gravity casting machine is often used to produce aluminium alloy casting of engine, density is small, because aluminum alloy itself also has the good performance of thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, and therefore is widely used in the field of engine, at present a lot of famous auto manufacturers have adopted the aluminum cylinder engine, as companies such as general motors, Toyota, Chrysler will be aluminum alloy is widely used and engine field.
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