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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-28
Gravity casting machine in the production of casting quality mainly from the casting surface roughness, size, shape, and all kinds of casting performance. In the process of gravity casting machine in the production of castings, easy to appear a lot of quality problems, but the influence of gravity casting machine to produce the core of the casting quality factor mainly has the following three categories. Before production castings, according to the structure of casting, weight and size, casting the characteristics of need and production conditions, such as reasonable setting for gravity casting mould, casting riser and gating system, etc. , to ensure the rationality of the gravity casting machining castings. In the design of the casting drawings, according to the material not only to determine the shape of the casting size, etc. , but also from the perspective of process to consider the rationality of the design, avoid the casting quality problem. In choosing materials in the production of casting molds and castings must have rationality, avoid production of casting defects such as blowholes, affect the appearance and internal quality castings. To make reasonable gravity casting machine production process operation process, improve the stability of the pouring, etc. Pay attention to these points, can minimize impact on the quality of the casting production.
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