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Gravity casting machine can be rotated advantage than not rotated

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-27
Tilting of aluminum alloy gravity casting machine has one advantage is that in gravity casting, can keep the liquid aluminum liquidity, prevent cooling. This is very important, because this function can make the production smooth, stable quality, it is also a lot more production efficiency. Joe aluminum alloy gravity casting machine is 2 to 10 minutes can produce a product, if not very large, about 3 minutes to produce a casting. And can be rotated aluminum gravity casting machine it more widely some commonality. A broader meaning is not the some product can not be rotated production, must use tilting turned equipment to? Production. Therefore, from the process stability, efficiency, versatility to the four ways, this is the difference between the two is obvious! The aluminum alloy gravity casting machine on the market two can be rotated and cannot be rotated, is now a feedback from the market, can not be rotated quickly eliminated ( Although has not been eliminated) But is the trend of The Times!
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