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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-23
Now on the market most of the aluminum products adopt the method of gravity casting production, thus it can be seen that the gravity casting machine in position in the development of industry. But in the production of the internal structure of complicated castings, casting porosity may exist, general pore is divided into the following three types: there are several large holes on the casting, this kind of situation is due to the pinhole is closely linked, the pore is called mesh pinhole. And dot pinhole, pinhole is the kind of pinhole outline clear, discontinuous point circle. , of course, there are two kinds of porosity is the kind of holes, pinhole more, but instead of dot polygon, called integrated air hole. Actually casting products, such as pore porosity is inevitable, and pay great attention to calculate gravity casting machine production, at the time of casting metal fluid flow will cause a small amount of porosity. In Joe's opinion, need to pay attention to when casting mold and the temperature of the liquid metal, metal composition and casting speed, etc. , to minimize the amount of porosity.
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