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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-26
You might be able to make the note gravity casting machine production workers standard operation, you may know a great influence on production of casting gravity casting machine, will try to avoid problems in the process of production of castings. But do you know? Gravity casting machine in the production, the core pulling the casting production to take out the core of time also need to pay attention to? Let Joe to explain it for you. If the production when gravity casting machine casting sand core within the stay time is too short, can lead to casting has not cooling molding, sand core out too fast will make the casting forming problems, casting deformation, etc. If the production, the inside of the casting sand core in the casting for a long time, the larger the force created by the casting shrinkage will cause core pulling force, also reduces the efficiency of production. So gravity casting machine, casting the cores should be in casting cooled to a certain temperature range, and has enough strength of castings, remove sand mold. Appropriate core-pulling and casting molding time, generally is also made of test methods to determine. Bo Joe has 15 years of research and development of foundry industry custom production experience, can provide suitable production plan for your product, welcome to contact Joe.
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