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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-14
Bo Jo in the field of aluminum alloy gravity casting machine in the production of many products can be used to, its principle of operation, as the name implies, is in the earth's gravity will liquid metal forming, and then to produce castings. Aluminum gravity casting machine or gravity casting mould, their cost is higher, as a casting factory is naturally want to try to save the cost of production. Bo Joe's aluminum gravity casting machine by rotated gravity casting molds to speed the liquid aluminum liquidity, to speed up the formation of the casting products, improve the production efficiency of gravity casting machine. Bo Joe aluminum alloy gravity casting machine generally can meet the efficiency of two minutes to produce a casting products. Gravity casting machine production cost is high, but the production of casting products of high efficiency and reduce the cost of a certain. , from the perspective of mould gravity casting mould cost than sand casting mould cost is high, the production of large quantities of castings manufacturer can also help reduce the cost of each casting. Another blogger Joe on aluminum alloy gravity casting machine maintenance, will remind employees according to the practice to use and maintain, and increase the service life of the machine, reduce the production cost of enterprises.
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