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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-02-02
We know gravity casting machine can produce many products in the industry, although different casting performance according to the needs of manufacturers, processing process will be different, but they all have one thing in common, is casting cooling process. Casting cooling is no matter how you do not lack of a process, let bo Joe give you can talk about the need to pay attention to during the process of casting for cooling. Before casting cooling, pay attention to all the parts of the casting temperature is the same, if the temperature is the same to normal cooling operations. If the casting temperature difference is bigger, the parts of the casting in the process of continuous cooling and thick wall partial seizure phase change and get wider flexibility, thin wall part will be the inner elastic stretching, and constitute a tensile stress, and the thick wall part is the outer elastic tightening of compressive stress. Casting the uneven cooling process will lead to casting wall thickness, casting a deformation problems and even the whole quality of castings. So, bo Joe remind you that the manufacturer after casting production made necessary cooling process, attention should be paid to each part of the casting is in front of the cooling temperature is the same, is there a larger temperature difference, avoid the cooling process affects the quality of castings.
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