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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-16
To understand the gravity casting machine, first from the material of its application. Mean what is the material of the machinery and equipment products that need to be aware of is the material of the machine itself. Machinery can only produce copper casting products, iron products, our mechanical model of product is aluminum. Is to use aluminum ingots by electric furnace melting, pouring into the gravity casting mold, and then by gravity casting machine for aluminum castings production. Yes, gravity casting the process relies on the gravity casting machine, and gravity casting mold to produce. Now many manufacturers choose to gravity casting process, because it is the quality of output even better! You buy the quality of the great furniture, lamp act the role ofing, automobile wheel hub these things might be doing it! Indeed, gravity casting process is product quality more than foundry casting process for the high quality! Relevant article: 'Joe gravity casting machine independent research and development of hydraulic station
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