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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-02-01
In the casting industry, the use of gravity casting machine can say very wide, can be used to produce many fields can be used in products. Occasionally but manufacturers have found gravity casting machine in the production of the internal structure of complex casting products, there will be a casting product misrun, when in fact these things done, want to let gravity casting machine misrun is difficult. Gravity casting machine in the production of misrun products, mainly metal or mold temperature is too low, the temperature of casting wall thickness, causes the liquid metal solidification too rapidly, it is possible that the improper casting technology, pouring of liquid metal flow is small, casting time is too long makes misrun casting products. Bad casting with metal liquid ingredients can make metal liquidity is not enough, also can let gravity casting machine casting, so in Joe daily gravity casting machine production, pay attention to mold and the temperature of the liquid metal, metal composition and casting used by way of casting, gravity casting machine produces the product is not so easy misrun.
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