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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-31
Gravity casting machine is one of the foundry industry is often used to machine, gravity casting machine to produce the casting performance is good, and can produce castings in the field of automotive, electrical, hardware, and other products. But occasionally produce castings will appear porosity, you know how to from the Angle of raw materials, to prevent the production of castings have a hole? Let bo Joe to teach you. To prevent casting porosity, you need to take effective measures to minimize the moisture of raw materials, aluminum piece work also need reasonable choice in the process of the casting process, effectively strengthen the smelting quality management. In the operating process, aluminum melting time as far as possible, so as to reduce the volume of aluminum alloy, also should pay attention to the melting temperature of the product. Melting temperature cannot exceed 800 degrees, because the higher the temperature the inspiratory capacity of aluminum alloy will get bigger, the possibility of production in the process of the porosity will be higher. Smelting process is also want to have control of the temperature measuring device, the use of more effective control in the process of aluminum alloy melt, such as time, such ability from the Angle of the raw materials to prevent gravity casting machine production of casting porosity.
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