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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-02-01
Joe remind you, manufacturers have in the use of gravity casting machine in the process of production and processing, not only need to understand the working principle of gravity casting machine and standardize operation steps, also need to pay attention to production and processing of the environment. Such ability in gravity casting machine process more convenient, also can avoid because the operation method and environmental issues lead to gravity casting machine malfunction. Gravity casting machine for processing in the process, if the environment temperature is too high, manufacturer did not notice the heat dissipation problem, machine heat too gao will cause many problems. So pay attention to the environment temperature is appropriate, if the temperature is too high to heat in time, and gravity casting equipment installed in the ventilation use in better environment. Many casting factory production and processing of the environment is bad, the surrounding material deposit is mixed and disorderly, and with the processing of production operation, will produce large amounts of dust and harmful gas. So Joe remind you, in the process of processing production to clean sanitation, from time to time and will be processed using materials neatly packed, guarantee the gravity casting equipment can run normally and orderly.
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