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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-02-01
Gravity casting machine is one of the foundry industry is often used to machine, gravity casting machine in the production of castings are widely used, it can produce castings in the field of automotive, electrical, hardware, and other products. Because gravity casting machine to produce the casting performance is good, but in the process of cast aluminum in making to prevent crystallization, do you know what to do? Cast aluminum gravity casting machine production should pay attention to when heated to above 500 degrees will be relatively easy to remove most of the crystallization, try to shorten the time of the casting in the process of casting, so as to effectively reduce the volume of aluminum alloy, but also to pay attention to the melting temperature of casting products cannot be too high. Because the higher the temperature of aluminium alloy inspiratory capacity will be larger, so in general the temperature is not more than 800 degrees, smelting process is also want to have control of the temperature measuring device, in the process of use to effectively control the bad time, etc. Gravity casting machine casting production set temperature crystallization to remove you know now?
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