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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-31
Gravity casting machine can produce all kinds of complicated casting, gravity casting machine of tilting type because of the rotated speed increase during the process of casting, mold exhaust gas and the liquid metal filling more quickly, effectively improve the casting quality of the products and the qualification rate of casting. Have you ever seen a gravity casting machine work? Do you know the gravity casting machine is depend on what kind of structure in the production of castings? Let bo Jo told you. Bo Joe's gravity casting machine main structure including the main DingGang, flip oil cylinder, the top discharge module, flip five modules and modules module, circuit system of gravity casting machine by PLC control equipment and industrial touch screen of two part, effectively guarantee the machine equipment and reliable operation, improves the system reliability, gravity casting machine structure determines the good application effect of actual use. Bo Joe casting machinery equipment factory 14 years to focus on casting machinery and equipment production, the aluminum alloy gravity casting mould and product customization, bo Joe has always deemed it its duty to provide professional services to customers, not only manufacture, involving product research and development, can according to customer samples, to provide you with professional consulting services and personalized product design and production services, if you have any need, welcome to contact Joe.
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