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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-04
For foundry industry, gravity casting and foundry casting are employing more extensive way of casting, when many industry production castings will adopt the two casting methods, often use this two ways to produce castings, do you know the gravity casting machine adopts gravity casting and foundry casting production casting what's the difference? To tell you. Gravity casting machine in the production of casting wall thickness uniformity, high density of organization and internal and external surface is smooth, appearance size, finish machining speed. Production of casting and foundry casting way easy slag inclusion, sand holes, loose, inside and outside surface is rough, appearance size, finishing slow speed, not accurate. In terms of yield and gravity casting machine product qualified rate is higher. Gravity casting machine adopts gravity casting method, the need when casting pouring temperature is low, low pollution, low noise, but when casting foundry casting production used in coal, oil furnace flue gas in smelting process, pollution, noise is big. And gravity casting machine operation is simple, you can learn to operate, foundry casting technical requirement of skilled to operate, higher cost and the benefit of the gravity casting.
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