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Fully automatic molding machine which good?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-27
Bo Joe machinery is the most professional manufacturers of automatic molding machine, guangdong focus molding machine, fully automatic molding machine for many years, has more than 7000 square meters of standard factory building, by absorbing the introduction of a number of advanced technology at home and abroad, after years of careful research, after thousands of times of trial and error, creatively developed fully automatic molding machine; Bo Joe molding machine has the characteristics of four high three low: high configuration, high efficiency, high survival rate, high service life, low failure, low energy consumption, low maintenance cost. Fully automatic molding machine features: 1, automatic operation, one key every time without professional workers complete modelling just press the start button ( No core work conditions) , such as the core of the workpiece, after the selection process, automatic stop, the core is completed, press the mode button, the program automatically. 2, energy saving: workers by labor to the mechanic, reduce a lot of physical effort. Solve difficult, please people also have the problem of high cost. 3, equipment use ordinary coal powder sand and clay sand, red sand can, molding machine commonly used sand, the requirement of sand is not high. 4, template installation: four screws, five minutes to change, to adapt to the frequent replacement of mold. 5, mold hardness: mold hardness can adjust freely according to the requirements of different castings, only need to adjust several parameters is very convenient and fast, up to 85 - 90 degrees. 6, casting height is adjustable and save sand: compaction plate adjustable up and down, resulting in a different mould height. 7 type, precision: modelling type, all in unified positioning template, sandbox system, high repeat precision. 8, cast quality constant uniform: the machine adopts high precision mechanical positioning system, microcomputer, position detection, the modelling process automatic control, without human factors interference, so the shape quality is stable, uniform, efficient and reliable. 9, is equipped with safety protection device: advanced screen protection, ensure the personal safety of operators. 10, to save time: about 50 seconds per box, 80 cases per hour can be achieved. 11, horizontal type, convenient and the core. 12, mold size: 420 * 520 mm, 510 * 610 mm, 610 * 710 mm three standard specifications, can be customized according to customer requirement specification models. Automatic molding machine maintenance method: 1, check employees before work handover record. 2, check whether there is a foreign body into the machine, cleaning machine in time more than in sand, to prevent clogging the link conveying equipment failure. 3, operators of cleaning efficiency should check at any time, if there is a strange, should immediately stop and check for equipment as a whole. 4, seal must check every day, such as damaged replaced immediately. 5, must be checked before starting the control cabinet ( Panel) All kinds of switch is set in the required position ( Including the power switch) Before you can start up, in order to avoid misoperation, damage to the electrical and mechanical equipment, equipment damage. 6, a manual process, with air pressure gun cleaning sand gate more sand and dust. 7, while going off work to reset the machine to the origin, need to clean up the machine more than in sand, to ensure the next normal operation. 8, before coming off work inspection on the electric motor parts, look to whether loose, tighten in a timely manner. 9, the injection point check each part filling oil is in accordance with the regulations. 10, timely supplement release agent.
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