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Fully automatic molding machine try sand quite satisfied effect

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-27
Counter weight foundry was always, sand mold try to bo Joe mechanical automatic molding machine; Had always knew that automatic modelling is the trend of The Times, the future human resources cost increasing, hiring, tube people problem is becoming more and more serious, the original manual must transition. Try today with sand effect is very satisfied, feel Joe mechanical automatic molding machine speed is higher than the same industry, running more stable, higher configuration. Automatic clay sand casting equipment model to solve the problem of difficult hiring, one device only needs a unattended operation, high efficiency and low cost. Bo Joe automatic molding machine product features: 1, automatic operation, one key without professional workers. Every time a complete modelling just press a button, No core work conditions) , such as the core of the workpiece, after the selection process, automatic stop, the core is completed, press the mode button, the program automatically. 2, horizontal parting, convenient and the core. 3, equipment use ordinary coal powder sand and clay sand, red sand can, molding machine commonly used sand, the requirement of sand is not high. 4 template installation: four screws, five minutes to change, to adapt to the frequent replacement of mold. 5, mold hardness: mold hardness can adjust freely according to the requirements of different castings, only need to adjust several parameters is very convenient and fast, up to 85 - 90 degrees. 6, casting height is adjustable and save sand: compaction plate adjustable up and down, resulting in a different mould height. 7 type, precision: modelling type, all in unified positioning template, sandbox system, high repeat precision. 8, cast quality constant uniform: the machine adopts high precision mechanical positioning system, microcomputer, position detection, the modelling process automatic control, without human factors interference, so the shape quality is stable, uniform, efficient and reliable. 9, is equipped with safety protection device: advanced screen protection, ensure the personal safety of operators. 10, modelling speed: about 38 seconds per box. 11, mold size: 710 x610, 610 mmx510mm, mmx420mm 520 kinds of specifications, can be customized according to customer requirement specification models.
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