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Fully automatic molding machine professional foundry recruit people solve problems

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-26
In the face of foundry hiring difficult problem and the problem of low efficiency of production, coupled with this year, the state environmental protection department of the casting factory strict inspection, bo Jo developed fully automatic molding machine, fully automatic molding machine can realize automatic sand, automatic box, automatic compaction, the automatic push type, etc. , in the true sense do save artificial, a fully automatic molding machine can complete the workload of 10 molder, not only solved the difficult problem of casting factory recruit less than people, but also improves the casting manufacturer production efficiency, small investment, return big goals. Joe company research and development of automatic molding machine belongs to the domestic initiative, has successively completed the modelling of foundry engineering, domestic dozens of provinces such as zhejiang, guangxi, hunan, chongqing, hubei, henan, anhui, jiangxi, hebei, fujian and other provinces, at the same time, products are exported to countries such as South Korea, Vietnam and Algeria, and obtain the user and the local environmental protection department's consistent high praise! Our casting products to different industries has rich experience in modelling, in view of the auto parts, machinery parts, railway equipment, construction parts, kitchen appliances, electrical equipment, metal products and other industries of the casting of different features, we have specialized in the automatic molding machine design to help customers improve production efficiency and yield of the casting, reduce labor costs and reduce maintenance times. Guangzhou bo Joe professional to provide fully automatic molding machine is mainly suitable for cast iron, cast aluminum and non-ferrous metal casting industry, molding speed, sand type high positioning accuracy, stable performance, low failure rate, machine fully automatic operation, one key provincial human ( The whole machine operation for only 1 person) , sand box adopts wear-resisting rubber, durable security, shoot using suspended sand, sand castings with stable quality, smooth surface is flat and level. Compaction method using gas liquid pressurization, to avoid the problem of high failure rate and degree of compaction is not enough!
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