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Fully automatic molding machine production line

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-27
Man-days yield an average of 9219 machines, 15 mm 15 the total weight. 4 tons. Note: the machine can be divided into robot according to the use, no one robot, automatic type robot type three categories. In the research and development of this product, as much as possible to reduce labor intensity, improve labor productivity, reduce labor intensity. The robot modelling of professionals can help do more design robot parts, more accurately, reduce the potential failure after the loss. Professional custom, the assembly and training is very powerful competitors to robot suppliers, at present most of the OEM production enterprise has the resources, therefore, can reduce production capacity as much as possible, improve the existing capacity, in order to meet market demand. 1, some unknown right parts production enterprise boss company responsible for fully automatic molding machine is mainly composed of various equipment products, produced by the robot, according to different purposes of users, the robot products will have a lot of kinds, the most of them in Beijing, wuhan, a lot of factories in Beijing, and * * * Beijing speeding up production progress in recent years, sichuan local production of air separation products also has a lot of enterprise, the current automatic molding machine manufacturers, have their own proprietary sales model, all is the dealer sales. 2, a robot design professional engineering company in the province if purchasing robot design, artificial decoration factory is * * * big spending, this has become a fully automatic molding machine manufacturing one of the main problems for robots. This is mainly refers to the individual design of automated assembly line and get the job done. Robot visual effect is good, therefore, to create beauty, improve the construction of ability of workers, coupled with lower cost product appearance more perfect. 3, cost advantage manufacturers in automatic molding machine products have good cost advantage, is conducive to product design. At present, most large robot manufacturers have the ability of independent development and design, the product can satisfy the demand for spare parts factory, the popularity of robot components in the industry more and more high, so can improve the independent innovation ability of the product. Factory automation production lines and equipment as well as the advantages of generality is not so big. 4, intensive professional talents in the field of robot production management all flow is relatively concentrated, also part some companies rely on their own idea, the innovation of the escort, therefore is very necessary to cultivate talents. At the same time also could improve the ability of manufacturing technology and equipment, formed a complete integrated robot, to enterprise's resources conformity ability put forward very high requirements. Only to early labor into scientific research, engineering personnel, robot workers entrepreneurship become a * * *, can bring higher profits for enterprises. 5, the advantage of the production process automation production process including: robot technology overall, industrial robots or PLC molding materials for the cutting, can truly meet the needs of workers and the requirements for the structure of the robot, greatly increase the number of robots, but in the process of the production process is more likely to completely change the amount of labor, it is for small investment of large enterprises a challenge, and, by contrast, in the process of the production process the original cost advantage is not be digging out, now have a large number of workers will robots transplantation.
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