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Fully automatic molding machine officially put into production in zhejiang linan _ in casting machinery

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-26
In April 2017 to zhejiang linan, Joe automatic molding machine Z4252 finished installation and debugging, formally put into production, bo Joe automatic molding machine from the installation and debugging to the normal production of the technical engineers spent a total of four days, first day to install the machine, the second day running machine sand mould, casting on the third day, and then see the acceptance of products, the fourth day guide training staff operating the machine, and simple maintenance and daily maintenance, zhejiang shaw boss was pleased with the machine modelling effect, such as a period of time is on again two automatic molding machine Z5161, used for modelling big products, thank you very much xiao total Po Joe machinery of the trust and support, at the same time also ZhuXiao overall business is thriving. Automatic molding machine used in the manufacture of sand mold casting equipment. Its main function is: sand filling, the loose sand filling into the sand box; Tight sand, through vibration compaction, the compaction, the shock pressure, different methods, such as the loose sand in the sand box tight, make the sand mould is necessary in the process of handling and casting strength; Draw, use different institutions to tighten solid after withdrawal of sand mold.
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