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Fully automatic casting moulding machine which is good

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-25
Bo mechanical Jo thought, molding machine model instead of artificial modelling ( Or can be said that any equipment instead of manual) , its biggest significance is not only the production efficiency, another role is to master from now on will craft equipment, and no longer in the hands of workers. The benefits for the enterprise managers is: don't have to technical workers ( Skilled workers) Overwhelmed hard to find workers often don't have to face because of the high technical requirements for jobs, labor intensity and so on the reason of bargaining. Now, have a good workmanship, willing to engage in heavy manual labor workers gradually, speed reduction, this also one of the important reasons of the mechanical equipment quickly get application, also is enterprise management, managers that point. Guangdong bo Joe mechanical automatic casting molding machine accessories adopt Japan SMC products, quality assurance, the main benefits of flaskless molding is low cost and high efficiency, for the production of small and medium-sized pieces, simple, grey iron and ductile casting has the advantage. In the production of brake discs, bearing cover, simple mechanical accessories, the core of products less, have the advantage. Standard flaskless line with other companies, no box line, compared with weight of L type plate and door type, up and down around the sand mold 'stepped up' all six azimuth, therefore in the box and fault resistance due to other companies without box line box. Economical flaskless molding line, simple, reliable and efficient, low cost, the maintenance cost and reliability are superior to other companies of flaskless molding line. Guangdong bo Joe mechanical equipment co. , LTD is a company specializing in the production of fully automatic casting molding machine, fully automatic casting production line manufacturers, the company adopts foreign advanced technology, production of horizontal parting molding machine, molding line, leading technology, low running cost, and has a variety of foundry production process. Equipment production process is completely in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system standard production. Supporting parts fully USES the overseas well-known brand, to ensure the performance stability and service life of the equipment. Guangdong bo Joe mechanical equipment co. , LTD is a professional casting machinery manufacturers, with advanced CAE, CAD, CAM, computer software systems and manufacturing processing equipment. Now developed fully automatic casting molding machine, has many characteristics, such as time saving, energy saving, high efficiency, save time, can achieve 100 - hour The type 120. Energy: workers from manual to mechanical type automatically, reduce a lot of physical effort. High efficiency: a line can be compared with ten employees can do, able to mass produce a casting. Energy saving: sand can be reused, eliminate waste sand. Reduce the cost, casting lower wages relatively handmade molding. Model the manufacturing cost is low, mould exchange speed, only a few minutes to change; And can by hand casting redirection automatic casting, is a a revolution in the casting industry. Guangdong bo Joe mechanical automatic casting molding machine, molding speed, sand mold high positioning accuracy, stable performance, low failure rate, mechanical automatic operation, one key super save manpower. Sand box adopts wear-resisting rubber, durable security. Suspended sand, adopting gas-liquid pressurization, prevent the compaction degree is not enough. Joe machinery building automatic casting molding machine assembly line, and complete turn-key project!
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