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Foundry worker epc need to pay attention to what?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-22
Casting in lost foam casting process, the whole process flow including seven links, each link has a great influence for die-lost casting quality, casting process is also, of course, the lost foam casting a vital part of the process, pouring process matters needing attention, strictly control the pouring process of every detail is the key to producing high quality of epc casting. Epc casting process is filling, liquid steel and plastic mould disappearance of vaporization process. Note: (the whole process 1) Surf full liquid steel runner from beginning to end, if, due to the limited strength of coating layer, sand collapse and inlet occur easily, cause the casting defects. ( 2) When pouring molten steel must grasp, ensure steady, accurate and fast. Instantaneous fills the sprue cup, it does not stop quickly, tons of steel liquid in about a minute or so. If with the casting of liquid steel block will take in air, which may cause the collapse of sand phenomenon or problem of increasing porosity of castings, casting scrap. ( 3) Epc suction enclosed, and must be closed below the sprue cup. The molten steel into mold, its start liquefaction combustion, and gasification disappear, liquid steel front short form temporary cavity, so the design of steel liquid filling velocity and bubble plastic model disappear rate of roughly the same. High temperature radiation to prevent liquid steel melting with other models, sprue appropriate stay away from the casting model. Set the position of the runner choose the whole case casting the lowest position. When pouring note to adjust and control the negative pressure vacuum within a certain range, after pouring in a certain negative pressure condition for a period of time, after negative pressure to stop and steel surface setting out of the box. Prevent back spray epc is one of the casting process, there are a variety of casting defects in the casting process, which result in the defects of castings, epc is no exception. Return to spray is epc phenomena occur frequently, return to spray serious when may endanger the safety of the pourer, must attach importance to it, to reduce spray phenomenon, can take the following measures: first, the density of foam model, in guarantee the quality of the bubble surface, under the premise of guarantee model intensity, bubble should do the lighter the better, in order to reduce the gas evolution when pouring. Second, foam model must be dried before coating, each batch of foam model should be checking the drying process of weight change, make baking weight change curve, only on the weight below the condition that no longer can paint. Third, pouring system, especially the sprue and runner should not paint, so that we can make pouring fumes can fully take fast, and not top coating, saves the consumption of paint. Finally, in the sprue cup covered with a damper, can turn back to spray liquid steel blocks, make its can't splash out, endanger the site operation workers. Using the above method can effectively prevent the lost foam casting process to return spray phenomenon, better prevent casting defects, improve the quality of castings, and it also can improve the safety of production. Factors affecting precision in lost foam casting, in general, there are a variety of factors, which affect the casting dimension accuracy, such as structure, shape, size of the die-lost casting, plastic foam quality, the influence of paint coating, the effect of casting process model, the influence of the casting part, etc. In the lost foam casting process, pouring process is one of the crucial link, pouring system, casting speed, casting temperature, casting process four factors is the key to improve the quality of the casting process, only by constantly improve, and constantly improve, to make good high quality casting precision casting. Paint coating for epc casting accuracy also has a great influence, coating performance, coating thickness can affect the shape size, thereby affecting the dimension accuracy of castings, thus lost foam casting, coating should have good performance, sufficient strength, at the same time paint smearing process should be reasonable.
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