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Foundry nuclear power equipment with low friction plate trial production successfully

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-23
Jiangsu bo qiao nanjing foundry co. , LTD. , with total leadership and support, the trial production successfully the steam generating nuclear power equipment is used to reduce grinding plate, three times to provide the sample by the Shanghai institute of materials, such as authority detection, the mechanical performance and metallographic organization can reach the standard level, satisfy the use requirement of nuclear power equipment, filled the country blank. Is used in nuclear power equipment of steam has low friction plate, requires both high strength and high hardness, demand has a certain toughness, especially that the index Rp0 tensile yield strength. 01 Rp0 and compression yield strength index. 01, general casting material without the requirement, both does not have the requirement, general examination organization also can't do the experiment. Have nondestructive flaw detection to do X-ray, castings shall not have any micro defects. Due to presence of graphite in the microstructure of cast iron parts, X-ray detector to meet the standard requirements. Except the normal examination, to do the high temperature tests. Is very demanding. Used in accordance with the resistance to import this part, the price is expensive, time limit for a project there. Over the past few years in the domestic Shanghai material institute found several foundry trial production, because of the performance and metallographic TuiTang unqualified. Shanghai institute of materials, find my company in May, honor the first period of the total batch, benefit is the second. Foundry trial actively undertake the task, may provide the first batch of samples of various technical indicators fully meet the requirements, Shanghai institute of materials, very satisfied. In order to completely sure, then provides the two batches of samples. Shanghai institute of materials, and foundry recently signed a formal agreement, foundries currently under the leadership of the Wu Hongdu standing vice President, technology, quality and production department staff closely, being positive production. The successful trial production of this project, is not only for the Po to Joe, but glory for the country.
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