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Foundry industry development present situation and future trend

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-26
Abstract: on the basis of present situation points out that the development of China's foundry industry, facing the opportunity and points out that the development of China foundry industry is facing a great turning point and the challenge. This paper expounds the Chinese foundry industry and the development trend of information science and technology research and development direction. The development of China foundry industry current situation and future trend are analyzed. Keywords: casting industry. Development direction; Current situation of the development of 1. 2 casting technology and the improvement of quality in our country since reform and opening up, the development of foundry casting industry has very big change, including the technical level, quality, service, etc. Our casting quality significantly improved. Mainly in scrap than ever before in the process of casting production declined a lot; And then is a lot of kinds of precision casting ( Geometric accuracy and dimensional accuracy) , the surface roughness ra, mechanical performance reached the international level, etc. Foundry enterprises have ability in our country and foreign exhibition own castings, and gain high recognition. In addition, casting technology in China is greatly increased, can match and foreign developed countries. Since China's reform and opening up, many companies have adopted original sand mold casting process, and now has begun to the numerical control, automation, intelligent, mechanization in the direction of advance. Originally the traditional manual sand casting occupy much of the situation is slowly disappear. A lot of foundry enterprises are beginning to use intelligent machines cupola and induction furnace, induction furnace duplex process. This several kinds of advanced equipment, technology, technology means that our country has the ability to produce better quality, higher precision castings. At present, the production of nodular cast iron machine is about 146 tons; Biggest cast steel is more than 520 tons, China now has more than 100 enterprises can have the ability to produce casting piece weighed 30 tons and above. Great changes have taken place in the foundry industry of our country. Emerged a large number of the high technology, good quality foundry enterprises. 1. 3 castings into exports we according to casting product of goods in customs import and export data statistics, in 2014, a year, China's exports of 2 million tons of all kinds of castings, in 2013, Chinese exports of 1. 78 million tons of all kinds of castings. Year-on-year growth of 12%; In 2014 China casting export trade total amount is $3. 1 billion. In 2013 China casting export total amount is $2. 9 billion. Increased by 6. 0%. The following table will give casting production of China from 2005 to 2007 and the export table. And number is just a simple castings exports, excluding after processing, the amount of castings in assembly. Classes in Chinese automobile parts ( Including casting) The export situation is gratifying, according to statistics, China's average annual growth rate is about 70%. Castings import quantity of the casting in our country about exports less than 1. 7%, a handful of castings due to technical problems need to import. For example, the high temperature of aircraft engine blade and some castings in nuclear power equipment. There are some need to import castings such as wheel casting of large hydroelectric equipment, etc. Some castings have been able to make production in China now, do not need to rely on imports. 1. 4 China foundry industry is the main problem of the development trend of casting industry in our country at present although it is very good, but we still have a large gap compared to the developed countries. Domestic technical level, technology method is still a certain gap with them. This gap leads to the sale of our products exports less, economic development will have certain obstacles. In addition, in modern industry, backward technology, equipment, energy consumption and serious environmental pollution and high consumption of raw and workers problems such as bad operation environment will seriously affect the development of foundry industry, the country's economic impact. The main problem displays in: 1. The quality of the casting is low after the reform and opening up, China's casting quality greatly improved, but there are still many foundry enterprises casting scrap rate is very high. And poor quality. Accuracy is not high, some special casting still need to rely on imports. The overall quality is poor. 2. Castings in the production of high energy consumption, pollution is serious, resources comprehensive utilization low need power consumption if casting production in China is 1 kg, and similar castings in developed countries only need to 0. 5kg. Therefore, our country energy consumption is very large. Foundry enterprises of our country's many cupola furnace gas such as waste heat in the process of casting are not fully utilized, a large amount of waste heat emissions into the air. There are many small and medium-sized enterprises, their production process is still backward. They lack of cleaner production equipment, in addition, raw and auxiliary materials penetration rate is not high, emissions of pollutants. They are not even equipped with the end of the effective control measures. They factory emissions waste, waste residue, resulting in atmospheric pollutants, water pollution. Air and water pollutants exceeds bid badly. Production wastewater is not treated directly discharged into the sewer. Some companies even the furnace (contain asbestos Package) Slag line, paint and other hazardous waste without free-pollution disposal is required by law to discharge to the sewer. 3. Talent shortage in the process of the development of casting technology in China want most is not technology, but the talent. The causes of brain drain is mainly domestic foundry enterprises low wages and poor working environment.
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