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Foundry casting production and measures of energy saving technology

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-24

Foundry industry machinery industry of large energy consumption, high energy consumption, low energy efficiency, pollution, poor economic benefits, has restricted the development of foundry industry. Rational utilization of energy, to pay special attention to energy saving in foundry industry is an important task. Energy saving technology and energy saving measures include the following aspects. A, old sand recycling and reusing industry developed countries in Europe and the us have been the old sand recycling as a major research topic, good results have been achieved, and have been put into industrial production. In casting non-ferrous metal pieces, iron and steel. According to the sintering temperature of the sand, sand with mechanical method regeneration. The regeneration rate is roughly 90%, 80% and 70% respectively. Old sand recycling combined with wet regeneration is the most ideal choice for the most economical, two levels of wet removal rate of regeneration ( Na2O) 85% ~ 95%, single stage also can reach 70%. 90% of old sand recycling, the quality is close to the new sand. Company adopts thermal reclamation, can improve the regeneration rate of lO % ~ 20%. Also, the cost of the thermal process of old sand regeneration of complete sets of equipment payback period is shorter, general operation will pay back the cost for two years. Recycling cannot be processed by mechanical method of regeneration of zircon sand by using thermal processing, the quality of the reclaimed sand is better than that of new sand. Consumption of used sand in foundry industry in the United States, in 5 million tons, BastianKC and AllemanJE study found that after the foundry sand used for highway roadbed material. Can completely satisfy the performance requirements of the highway construction materials. Its performance is superior to the same with the varieties of new sand. Second, the binder of recycling environmental protection inorganic binder sand core and sand processing and renewable technologies get more and more attention. Laempe Beach - for the company BoX inorganic binder is the fluid contain a variety of minerals, sand core sand with 95% and 5% binder, with dry process in addition to the core, such as casting binder residue in sand, to activate the binder, as long as 2. 5% of the water can be reused many times without having to add new binder, this means that in the production of each batch of the largest adhesive quantity is only 1. 6% through except for the water to binder composition of chemical reaction and hardening, can use time is unlimited, but should not be more than 70% relative humidity, sand mixing good seal can be stored for a long time. FoundryAutomation and MEG binder for powder, used in aluminum alloy core, are gas storage and pouring process, and there were no resin binder could cause environmental problems. Wet deoxidization water recycle 85%, 100% recycled material can be use again. Three, the regeneration of the mold and die materials since the 1990 s, the United States, the European countries will precision casting manufacturer abandoned mould material or recycled mould material, purification by special processing, according to the different needs of users to adjust the composition, formation & other; Recycling - Regeneration pattern material & throughout; , the key to this technology is advanced multi-stage filtration or centrifugation, accelerate the operation process and obtain more pure mold material. MittererC found in the study of aluminum casting die. In the steel casting surface coating a layer of hard film, can effectively inhibit corrosion, the use of nitrogen and carbon protection to improve resistance to cracking, corrosion and other damage behavior, coating material, thick film instead of oxygen radicals effectively prolong mold service cycle. Its core technology is PACVD technique, namely the plasma chemical vapor deposition. Four, energy-saving technology of casting for the center with smelting smelting part of 50% of the total energy consumption, energy consumption accounts for about castings due to melting caused by the casting scrap accounted for about 50% of the total waste. Therefore, the use of advanced applicable smelting equipment and melting process are main measures of energy saving. In a cast iron smelting of energy saving technology as an example.
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