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Foundry casting process is introduced

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-02-06
Foundry casting casting products manufacturers, has a wide range of use, they are processed through the program and steps will be a lot of, let's to know about the relevant foundry casting technology of the simple. The first step, the metal filter: this step is to get rid of the impurity in the metal, can put all kinds of filter to remove child in gating system. The second step, pouring temperature, temperature control of this step is very important, because it is has a lot to do with the quality of the castings. The pouring temperature of casting can be relatively lower gravity casting. The third step, the mould rotation rate on: different castings and casting process, casting forming at the time of the casting speed is also different. The fourth step, coating use: paint in binder on the residual strength after high temperature operation should be low, as far as possible in order to wipe out. Fifth, casting off type: on the premise of ensuring quality, should type for casting off as soon as possible. Foundry casting is an important way of making gradually, for it's processing technology, we are also carried on the simple introduction of the above, if you want to buy the casting has a good quality, so at the time of choosing, will choose better craft castings.
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