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Foundry casting machinery production in why use molding machine?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-15
Foundry why use bo Joe mechanical production molding machine? 1, small investment, big return: a small equipment investment, production speed, low requirement to the venue, save cost, high return on investment. 2, time and energy: modelling speed 100 / hour, sustainable production, factory from work type to automatic production. 3, high efficiency, high configuration: fully automatic operation, one-click operation, without human intervention, safe and reliable and the parameters of the sand mould is adjustable. 4, high survival rate, casting high hardness, high precision, high survival rate and the level of classification, convenient to the core. 5, don't need a technical worker: no professional workers, one person can operate the machine, to save human. 6, low running cost, service life, low failure, low energy consumption, high operation cost is low; Production of low noise, little dust. Bo Joe machinery production molding machine warranty: 1, electrical accessories adopt Japanese omron parts; 2, SMC pneumatic components adopt Japan and Taiwan's original accessories; 3, with Japan's oil research, Germany rexroth hydraulic components imported accessories; 4, can be mounted to the venting needle, prevent product WoQi phenomenon; 5, pneumatic pipe has 5 filtering, protection work and service life of the cylinder; 6, modelling indoor wall using metal wear-resisting, convenient replacement and cleaning; 7, four-column positioning column, the automatic lubrication system. Bo Joe molding machine and what is the difference between the traditional artificial shape casting: a modelling, the traditional artificial production process: 1, hand-made traditional way, the production efficiency is low, working strength is big; Difficult to recruit 2, technical workers, artificial cost is high, the yield is low; 3, covers an area of big, the environment is dirty, disorderly and poor; More than 4, wearing parts, low quality of castings, high production cost. Bo Joe moulding machine: 1, modelling stable quality, high efficiency, high production efficiency, 24-hour run 2, fully realize the intelligent control, automation of operation, training operation simple 3, beautiful, the environment clean, no dust, cover an area of an area small, easy installation, 4, low running cost, safe and reliable, convenient maintenance, provide continuous productivity.
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