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Foundry casting equipment classification and casting technology requirements

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-20
The development of technology promotes the progress of foundry and the foundry industry, not only the casting process to be more perfect, and the type of casting equipment and much more. In addition to equipment according to the process conditions right to choose, casting in the casting process diagram also must be more careful. There are many different kinds of used foundry casting equipment, if carried out in accordance with the modelling approach to distinguish, can be divided into ordinary sand casting and two special casting. The ordinary can be divided into the wet sand, dry sand mold casting sand mold, the chemical hardening sand mold casting. And special casting can also be carried out in accordance with the molding materials classification, and be divided into natural mineral sand and metal as the main material of two kinds. Natural mineral sand as the main materials of investment casting, shell mold casting, pressure casting, mold casting, mold casting, ceramic mold casting, etc. ; Metal as the main mold material of metal mold casting, centrifugal casting, continuous casting, pressure casting, low pressure casting, etc. Considering the figure in the process of casting casting process is very important, so long in the design of casting technology figure, have what conditions for casting should be marked clearly on the casting process map. Especially for the relatively small batch products, on product figure are drawn. If it is the same size of casting with rounded corners, such as Angle of draw draft, but can not marked in the graph, the only written in the technical conditions. And foundries have to with various dimensions on drawings or data, and can't give the data on the product to cover, so that workers can more convenient in operation, more in line with the actual conditions.
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