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Forging or casting hot rolling belong to?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-17
Forging or casting hot rolling belong to? Hot rolled round steel rolling process with a hot rolling process of steel rolling forging processing parts forging process of the casting casting process is the difference between the hot rolled round steel belongs to forgings to casting. Look more smooth on the surface of the hot rolling forging surface coarser stare blankly side @ _ @ forgings. Is a kind of round steel tube billet, the center is more soft, easy to wear. In front of the billet. Barking behind the castings can be cast iron and cast steel, steel, aircraft rolling mill is the first and the last billet between rolling mill, its strength, enhance after the casting can be used directly or can be used after machining. Castings and forgings refers to after the high temperature forging steel is done. The hope can help you. After October said well, add that the forgings are an important parameter is the forging ratio, the forging ratio, the greater the deformation before and after processing, the greater the a simple example. Knead with noodles, the number of times, the more surface strength, steel is the same, so after forging, uniform grain size, if have segregation phenomenon also will improve, steel performance has improved, naturally think hot rolling belongs to forging, just hot rolling direction of force application is changeless, after hot rolling elongated grains, width of the mechanical properties of the length direction of mechanical properties to the poor, and this is why hot rolled steel plate at the time of inspection check only transverse mechanical properties can be the reason. Hot rolled steel bar is natural cooling after hot rolling forming and finished steel bar, from low carbon steel and ordinary alloy steel under high temperature condition to suppress. Ⅰ grade steel is made from killed steel, half killed steel or rimming steel no. 3 the light of common carbon steel rolling round steel. Forging or casting hot rolling belong to? Ⅳ level reinforced with carbon in low alloy composed of steel rolling, which divided by silicon, manganese as main alloy elements, also joined the vanadium and titanium as a solid solution and precipitation strengthening elements.
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