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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-02-06
Although use gravity casting machine production castings has been applied in many industries, the production of casting performance is good, but when production complex casting pore or occasionally occur. Note there are three general castings produced by condition: mesh pinhole, dot pinhole and comprehensive porosity, let bo Joe to introduce you to the three kinds of pore. The reticular pinhole is because the pinhole is closely linked, and lead to larger holes on the casting. Dot pinhole is the kind of pinhole outline clear, discontinuous point circle. Two kinds of porosity is the kind of holes is comprehensive porosity, pinhole more, but the shape of the pinhole is not dot instead of a polygon. As casting production, such as pore porosity is inevitable, even if the gravity casting machine production very attention, at the time of casting metal fluid flow will cause a small amount of porosity. In Joe's opinion, manufacturers have casting mould and the temperature of the liquid metal, metal composition and casting speed, etc. , do try to decrease porosity.
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