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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-02-05
In the use of casting-machine.html' target='_blank'>gravity casting machine production, you will encounter to produce castings will have a cold every situation? Cold insulation is a kind of casting defects of casting gravity casting, generally appear in the larger level on the surface of thin wall castings, metal as well as the final confluence. General casting through visual inspection can be found, many people don't know why cold insulation, Joe say to you. Generally the reason of gravity casting cold-lap formation of castings has six, all of these can lead to the gravity casting machine to produce castings appear cold insulation, gravity casting machine design of gating system, gate number less, less cross section; The mold or the temperature of the liquid aluminum is low; The mold venting is not good; Casting speed is too slow or casting ceased; Casting design of wall thickness is too thin or lack of proper rounded corners. Through some ways casting cold-lap is can prevent, can improve the speed of pouring, avoid interruption of liquid aluminum casting; Appropriate increase mold and the temperature of the liquid aluminum. Keep the mold exhaust; Increase the number of gate and cross section; In accordance with the requirements for the design of the casting technology is reasonable setting wall thickness and fillet. Gravity casting machine in the production of casting cold-lap situation can avoid.
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