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Flip shoot core machine production sticking later what? - Casting machinery equipment factory

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-02-06
Flip shoot core machine for core making convenient, uniform made of sand core, the surface is smooth and accurate size, so be casting manufacturers have a lot of use. As a use of compressed air to heat the sand into the sand core mold, waiting for the sand cooling molding machinery and equipment, heat treatment and sand by heat curing, naturally prone to stick in the production process model. Flip shoot core machine is in the process of core making, once the operation is wrong, there will be very easy to stick the situation of the mold, but sticking later also has several kinds of circumstances. Energy type adhesive model is easy to appear, the main cause of flip shoot core machine shoot sand pressure slants big, lead to curing molding sand in the core box surface, the attention to adjust the flip shoot core machine shoot sand pressure is ok. Vent plug type stick mold is more prone to, due to vent the adhesion sand exhaust area reducing, and operators want to shoot sand pressure to ease, but that is wrong, because if the increase shoot sand pressure blindly, will lead to flip shoot core machine is not only shoot sand is not tight, blowing sand blown untrue, and sticky mold problem also appeared. In addition to the two common sticky mold, mold, mixed sand mold even touched and moisture sexual membrane, are also in certain cases.
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