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Export destinations of BoQiao Machinery
The destination may change. Contact Nanjing BoQiao Machinery Co., Ltd. to find out if we have developed the state you are expecting. After years of development, we have established a relatively complete sales system. This allows export to various countries. Our export sector is likely to expand further. Customers from all over the world are all welcome!
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BoQiao Machinery is a top reliability provider and maker of melting furnace. BoQiao Machinery produces a number of different product series, including melting furnace. Materials used in the manufacture of BoQiao Machinery industrial furnace can be categorized into: metals which are used typically for electric conductors, dielectrics or insulating materials used for prevention of accidental contact, and chemicals. The product is highly resistant to the impact. The product is weather-resistant. Considering the influence of climatic factors on its stability, high-resistant materials are selected for manufacturing to stand up the challenge of temperatures. It can produce a certain pressure, making the finished product be of a high density.
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We are striving to be the leader in the industry. At the present stage, we are going to expand our brand exposure. We will combine numerous marketing channels to attract our target customers, such as the official website, selling platforms, and social media, to truly immerse customers into our brand.

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