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Equipment mould basic knowledge introduction for you

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-31
A lot of people think the casting mould is very far away from your life, but you know, bo Joe casting mold used in the production and living to the various tools and products, to the base of the machine tool, the fuselage shell, small to a germ head screws, buttons, and all kinds of household appliances shell, which has close relation with the mould. The shape of the die decides the shape of the products, precision mold processing quality and determines the quality of these products. Because the material of all kinds of products, appearance, specifications, and different purposes of mould into casting die, forging die, die casting mould, stamping mould of plastic moulds, and plastic moulds. In recent years, with the rapid development of plastic industry and general engineering plastics in the aspects of improving strength and precision, the application range of the plastic products are also constantly expanding, such as household appliances, instrumentation, construction equipment, automotive industry, daily hardware, and many other fields, proportion of plastics is rapidly increasing. A reasonable design of plastic parts often can replace more traditional metal pieces. Industrial products and daily products rising trend of plastic. General definition: 1, die in industrial production, with all kinds of press and in a pressure on the special tools, metal or nonmetal materials through the pressure to make the required shape parts or products, this kind of special tools are collectively referred to as mold. 2, the injection molding process description: mold is a kind of plastic products production tools. It consists of several groups of parts, the combination with molding cavity. Clamped injection, mold in injection molding machine, molten plastic injection molding die cavity, and the cavity cooling stereotypes, then separated from mould, via ejection system will leave mould products out of the cavity roof, the mould closed again for the next injection, the injection molding process is a cycle. Bo Joe gravity casting mould advantages: low size high precision low than other casting mold production with high efficiency low appearance clean low casting has better mechanical performance, Joe foundry casting mold low can provide mass production low has shorter development cycle, low mold tooling cost more low price, durable life cycle is long, Joe's each mould production, have been detailed plans to professional team, let the abrasive quality more visible in this paper, from the bo Jo equipment technology co. , LTD. , reprint please indicate the source!
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