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Electromagnetic flow valve in gravity casting machine to produce what effect

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-25
Bo Joe gravity casting machine electromagnetic flow valve has a buffer function. It is used when the frame in the position of the rotated to the limit, can through the intervention of electromagnetic flow valve, to slow the speed of the hydraulic cylinder, slow down, so would be to reduce the impact of the mechanical, so without affecting the quality of products at the same time, both the die life. Gravity casting mould is to use gravity casting machining products. Because gravity casting machine is to use gravity processing craft, so has a strong impact, if control is not good, so the service life of mould can be affected, also can affect the product production date. Bo Joe gravity casting machine is relatively good a gravity casting mold equipment, casting version can be up to 1100 * 600 MM, the size of the mould installation size is 800 * 600 MM, control mode, which has two kinds of manual and automatic. Gravity casting machine, of course, the whole machine is customized, as long as you need, we can do it!
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