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Effect of gravity casting machine 90 degrees of tilting pouring is what?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-17
Gravity casting machine, there are many kinds of machinery foundry can according to their own product features to choose appropriate own production equipment. Want to say here is that the Po Joe tilting gravity casting machine, introduce what is the distinguishing feature of it, and the improvement of the quality of the products when production have what role! Tilting of gravity casting machine mould and mould can be finished before and after the two movements, casting process is done by rotated cylinder driving, and the PLC automatic control the running of the machine. Joe tilting gravity casting machine is according to the product and process adjustment inception, in the end, mould opening Angle, while the electromagnetic flow valve controls the mechanical impact velocity, so as to control the impact. Tilt pouring of gravity casting machine makes the product orientation of high precision, strong balance and type of high precision, which can produce all kinds of complicated castings. Rotated speed is in the process of casting mould of exhaust gas and the liquid metal filling has a good help, these two actions can improve the quality of casting products and qualified rate.
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