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Do you know about shoot core machine

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-14
Joe is a manufacture of casting equipment, shoot core machine is one of the product. So, Joe shoot core machine is what kind of? Small make up to introduce to everyone today. Bo Joe's shoot core machine is horizontal parting shoot core machine, automatic shoot core machine, vertical parting shoot core machine, shot of precoated sand core machine, etc. Shoot core machine from color to the size to the various performance can be customized, and a shoot core machine delivery speed to 15 working days, it is very, very fast for mechanical equipment. Bo Joe shoot core machine from core box is hot core box kind points to. Joe has 14 years experience and technical reserves, has a mature production process and service experience, product quality, won the market and the customer the consistent high praise. Bo Joe shoot core machine can do it with good quality 1 year.
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