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Low Pressure Casting Machine
die casting mold design exporters in China
A lot of die casting mold exporters in China are getting more attention from the international markets. Nanjing BoQiao Machinery Co., Ltd. is also noticed thanks to the globalization of trade. We conduct our export business with an export license which is highly related to the type of product, volume and incoterms. Since our inception, we have successfully sold our product in line with international export standards. Our geographic advantage is also contributed to the export business of our company as we are located in the place accessible to transportation network.
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BoQiao Machinery offer clients superior price performance aluminium die casting. BoQiao Machinery produces a number of different product series, including gravity die casting machine. BoQiao Machinery low pressure machine undergoes a number of evaluation tests, including the aspects of energy efficiency, energy consumption, insulation performance, electric leakage, etc. It can help the finished product obtain the highest tensile strength. This product can last for a long time. Its surface is coated with protective substances to prevent exterior chemical corrosion. It has features of high degree of automation and high efficiency.
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We deliver our value proposition in several areas through innovation, rationalization, optimization, and automation enabled by our people, products and services.

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