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Die casting machine

Die casting machine


A die casting machine is simply a customized machine used for metal casting in which molten/fluid state metal is provided as raw material. The machine manufactures die casting parts when the metal is solidified and cooled. This method is generally used to manufacture metal /die-casting aluminum or zinc.

Types of die casting machine

Die casting machines can be divided based on their uses, features, methods used, and size. But die casting machines are generally classified into two types: hot chamber and cold chamber die casting machines.

Hot chamber die casting machines

It is a particular casting machine in which pressure chambers are linked to the mold cavity. So that the molten or fluid state metal can flow from higher pressure to low pressured compartment continuously. Due to this low pressured compartment, the molten metal is directly filled into the casting die. Various hot chamber die casting machines uses highly compressed gas to directly presses the metal into the mold. To avoid the chemical attack or corrosion of metal, the injection mechanism is used. It is generally used to cast low melting point metals like zinc, tin, and various alloys.

Advantages of die casting machines

● It provides a high productivity

● It gives a perfectly sharp and good finish to the metal surface

● Have high dimensional accuracy

● Also, able to manufacture intricate castings


Cold chamber die casting machines

In these machines, molten metal or fluid state metal is injected into the cold chamber, and then the mold is closed. The metal directly goes into the die, and afterward, the metal is solidified. The whole casting machinery can be divided into two vertical sections and horizontal cold chamber die casting machines. In the flat section, the movement direction of the piston is horizontal. Cold chamber dies casting machine can be used for die casting metal with a high melting point like copper alloy and tungsten.

Advantages of Cold chamber die casting machines

● It is highly resistive to corrosion or oxidation

● It can be used for casting aluminum and copper

● Can able to manufacture significant size parts. 

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