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Design major influence on casting processing gear quality in China

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-21
Design is a key step in casting is also start step, and for large gears, the casting is the basis of large gear machining, design is the key step for gear casting, its relationship with the quality of the casting of large gears and level, in the design phase, choose the appropriate casting gear materials, advanced and reasonable structure design, selection of high efficient and reliable gear and bearing is an essential link. In the process of large gear processing, advanced blank forming process, the stability and precision of the heat treatment process, as well as the appropriate surface hardening treatment process, the key factors are eventually form gear boutique. As in grinding is there are a few key links: by choosing grinding blade sharp, small grinding wheel, grinding surface stress can improve the grinding feed, shorten grinding time, improve grinding efficiency and prolong the interval of grinding wheel dressing in order to reduce the cost; By using the appropriate grinding and grinding parameters, grinding burn in that there was no crack and under the premise of guarantee quality, use high grinding parameters as much as possible to shorten grinding time, improve grinding efficiency, increase production, and ensure the precision and reduce the surface roughness; By using suitable grinding oil, can guarantee under the premise of good lubrication, anti-rust, to reduce the grinding surface of the tooth surface stress, avoid burns, cracks, lower roughness and reduce the extent of the grinding wheel blowhole, ensure the grinding wheel, sharp decrease grinding wheel dressing, reduce the dosage of grinding wheel, reduce the cost.
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