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Defects in casting, gravity casting machine - Casting machinery equipment factory

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-02-08
When using gravity casting machine to produce aluminum alloy castings, even very attention, will still be hard to avoid casting defects. This time to choose the appropriate way to deal with defects, because only defect after processed to ensure that products are not rework because of quality problems, you know how to repair the defects? Joe say to you. If it is more simple and more extensive casting, in need of repair do not need special processing, direct use of caster glue to fix can normal use, but there is no hardness requirement casting requirements. There is a common method of weld, choose metal filler to meet the requirements of weld, weld quality will be ideal. Welding repair of common methods mainly include electric welding welding, argon arc welding and tonic cold welding repair welding machine, etc. , manufacturers choose when to find a suitable for their welding method to weld. In fact is not the same gravity casting machine casting defects will demand different way of repair, manufacturers have son in accordance with the situation when the choice to choose appropriate repair methods, don't know what to choose the way also can ask Joe.
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