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Copper casting is the cause of the defective and pressure casting method is introduced

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-07
Copper casting is the cause of the defective and pressure casting method is introduced. Copper casting is due to a variety of internal and external factors, will appear porosity, pore, defects such as cracks and pits. But how to avoid these defects that! Small make up to introduce the common repair equipment: argon arc welding machine, cold resistance welding machine, welding machine, etc. But for those quality and cosmetic requirements are not high casting defects can use argon arc welding machine and other large calorific value, high speed welding machine to repair. But in the field of precision casting copper pieces of defect repair, because of the influence of argon welding heat, repair, which reduces the deformation of castings, hardness, sand holes, partial annealing, craze, pinhole, wear, scratch, bite, or the binding force is not enough and secondary defects such as internal stress injury. Cold welding machine, however, is to overcome the above shortcomings, its advantage mainly displays in the heat affected zone is small, the casting without preheating, normal temperature cold welding repair, therefore no deformation, bite edge and residual stress, won't produce local annealing, don't change the casting metal tissue state. So cold welding machine is the most suitable for precision casting copper surface defect repair tools. Cast copper pieces of copper casting defect repair glue for new research and development of a two-component reactive, normal temperature type, by the high quality high-performance complexing agent and alloy, ceramics, diamond and so on the many kinds of powder, made from science. Is used for copper casting defect repaired with new adhesive with high quality, the adhesive curing after high bonding strength, oil resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, ageing resistance, 8 ~ 15 years) , medium resistance and other excellent comprehensive performance. In order to adapt to fill, when the cast copper color consistency requirements, cured rubber are brassy ( Also can match into dying) 。 Copper casting is the cause of the defective and pressure casting method is introduced. In casting methods, cast copper and other non-ferrous alloy in addition to using sand casting, also widely used in metal mold casting, centrifugal casting, low pressure casting and graphite mold casting, and other special casting method. In the copper alloy casting, metal mold casting method, to speed up the process of solidification of alloy, to improve casting quality, reducing the casting defects, plays an important role. The metal mold casting can be subdivided grain ( Especially for aluminum manganese bronze and brass) , reduce pores, improve the alloy's mechanical properties and gas tightness ( Particularly important to tin bronze) , in the lead bronze high lead content in copper alloy, using the metal mold ( As well as water-cooled metal mold) Copper casting, can prevent composition segregation. And because of the copper alloy castings, the cylindrical parts ( Bearing, sleeve) More is more, such as the centrifugal casting method is adopted. In addition, large copper casting parts ( Such as a large Marine propeller) Still can use the low pressure casting method, in order to improve the density of the alloy, the casting pouring process and reducing the inclusion. Some copper alloy ( Such as lead brass) Also can use pressure casting method. , ok, all of the above interpretation is small make up to share with you about casting copper pieces, have more questions, please feel free to focus on our website, or give us a message, small make up will make a detailed answer to your question! Waiting good news! Hotline: 0530 83630008
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