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Characteristics and advantage of double location shoot core machine is introduced

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-03
Bo Qiao Shuang location shoot core machine, as the name implies, is has two production and processing station. The two processing workstation has an important characteristic, which can put two molds at the same time, in a cubicle production efficiency can be up to twice; Of course, also can open a single mould, concrete operation according to the requirements of manufacturer is the detail. Bo Qiao Shuang location shoot core machine is PLC machine control, is fully automatic. The advantage of the full automatic is that users do not have to have high technical requirements, as long as a little training can begin, such as open mold and die you just need to press the corresponding button. This greatly reduces the labor costs, so many foundries are choosing the machinery and equipment! Double location shoot core machine can put different sizes of mould for production activities, the benefits of this feature is sometimes encounter two customers goods to catch the delivery date, can such operation.
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