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Causing leakage problems of multiple solution

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-28
Casting leakage problems of multiple solution! Every casting in the first factory is qualified, but in use process, once by corrosion or the role of alternating load, easy to produce various types of defects. Casting defect will be as easy to produce stress concentration and gradually expanded, eventually lead to leakage problems, the following is the commonly used several kinds of methods of casting bare, share with you. Part one, first will gradually the leakage accurately find out, and then along the crack open a depth of not less than 1. 5 mm of small tank, the purpose is to deal with the fat. After placing groove surface level, and AR - 4 glue to fill the leak, note that to maintain the casting dry before fill in, wait to fill after curing agent, but also for water pressure test, to check whether the leakage. Second, the direct use of bare metal agent to bare the castings, and through the water pressure test work will increase pressure solution to casting, pressure of 1. About 5 times, after the water of the agent containing the bare sand holes of filtering the binder block in sand holes. With ongoing leakage, sand holes in the binder, to gather more and more sand holes blocked. Stop leakage, to keep the pressure for a period of time, and then release the leakproof agent, allow it to dry naturally and binder curing. Three, practice has proved that using the hydrochloric acid corrosion method can eliminate the defects such as porosity, sand holes and cracks. Operations to use gasoline to clean the casing, and down 5% 10% hydrochloric acid solution soak for a period of time, making hydrochloric acid react adequately with castings, products can be used to fill the defect. The above several approaches to the problem of casting leakage treatment is very effective, if the trouble might as well give it a try, will have unexpected effect. Click on the visit to nanjing shi bo casting products.
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