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Casting tell you cold stamping die parts material in principle is what?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-28
Joe casting mold material selection of cold die, according to the conditions of use for stamping dies for the reasonable selection. Only in this way can ensure the quality of the die. Improper material selection, even if there is a good heat treatment, also cannot obtain the excellent performance and high durability. When select material, therefore, must respect the following principles: 1. Bo Joe casting mould should choose good hardenability materials used in punching die, most die in addition to the requirements surface has enough hardness, also requires the core should have enough toughness. As for large mold, if use hardenability of poor material, the surface hardened the heart of the hardening, so even after tempering also can't get high strength and toughness, impact the quality of the die. So, when choosing materials, the general should choose can good steel hardenability, this is to make it after quenching can obtain more uniform stress state, in order to avoid cracking or deformation, such as in blanking die, die usually takes good hardenability materials, while punch demand lower. 2. Bo Joe casting mould material choose high tempering stability resistance cold die at work, with a strong extrusion and processed materials friction, can form or high temperature, which requires the die material itself has higher resistance to tempering stability, also is to be under a certain temperature can have the ability to keep the hardness. Generally speaking, carbon steel and low alloy steel tempering ability is poor, if with different degree of casting mould, can significantly improve the performance of progressive die. 3. Bo Joe casting mould is to choose the thermal deformation, deformation of the material parts after heat treatment processing is mainly caused by the material properties, material properties caused by the deformation, mainly produced in the process of heating cooling caused by thermal stress and phase transformation stress caused by the expansion and contraction, so, when choosing materials, for some complex shape, dial the uneven components after cross section, should not be used low casting mould hardenability materials, can choose some good steel containing high carbon, high alloy hardenability. 4. Bo Joe casting mould according to the products batch select more dies for stamping die material quantity generally selects the high quality alloy steel manufacturing, and on the degree of precision punching die with fewer parts choose steel. This article from Joe equipment technology co. , LTD. , reprint please indicate the source!
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