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Casting technology in the environmental protection requirements

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-21
Casting technology in the environmental protection requirements! Casting production is a big project, from metal smelting, making molds, and poured the molten metal into the casting mold, the solidification after there will be a definite shape, size and performance of metal parts forming process of blank. In the process there will be solid, gas waste and harmful gas discharge. Casting technology in environmental protection, has a number of requirements. A, improve the enterprise cleaner production level of cleaner production level can be divided into specific, level 1: the international advanced level of cleaner production; Level 2: domestic advanced level of cleaner production; Level 3: domestic clean production basic level. Enterprise after meet the requirements of product quality and cost requirements, should be based on the actual situation of enterprises to improve the level of clean production as far as possible, should be based on the actual situation of enterprises to improve the level of clean production as far as possible, should do the following: 1, to reduce the energy consumption in the process of melting cast iron smelting equipment mainly for cupola and induction furnace; Cast steel is usually adopted the ways of electric arc furnace, induction furnace melting process; Nonferrous metals using induction furnace, resistance furnace, gas furnace smelting process. Foundry enterprises should reduce tons of molten metal liquid energy to reduce the impact on the environment. 2, increase the process yield, yield, directly affect the energy consumption per unit weight of castings in the process of metal melting, casting process to improve process yield, can effectively reduce the energy consumption per unit weight of castings in the process of metal melting. 3, reduce the pollutant emission pollutants index ( Terminal treatment before) Refers to the unit product manufacturing ( Or processed) The amount of pollution produced in the process of ( Terminal treatment before) , including discharge waste water discharge, discharge waste gas and solid waste, etc. Casting technology in the environmental protection requirements! Wastewater discharge is refers to the sewage treatment plant type, single entry amount of sewage and pollutant emissions or content; Discharge waste gas is refers to the amount of waste gas exhaust gas treatment plant entrance and the types of pollutants, single displacement or content; Discharge of solid waste means solid waste treatment plant entrance of pollutant and the displacement. Different alloy casting process emissions of pollutants have very big distinction, according to its shape can be summed up in smoke, dust and hazardous waste, according to the three indexes, production unit weight of the casting foundry enterprises should reduce weight to reduce the environmental impact of the pollutants. 4, reduce the number of used sand in sand casting process used sand quantity per unit product produce also reflects the environmental protection index in the process of production, according to the amount of waste sand castings produced per ton, the sand mold casting on environmental protection to determine the influence of the environmental impact. 5, improve the utilization rate of waste heat recovery in the process of using cast iron of cupola melting, a lot of heat will by cupola gas into the atmosphere is frittering away, for cupola gas waste heat recycling can reduce the production of a kind of energy consumption and achieve cleaner production. 6, raise the repeated utilization ratio of wastewater recycling water refers to the measurement in a certain period of time, reused water used in the production process ( Including recycling water and directly or after processing the recycling of water) And the ratio of the total water consumption. Furnaces process cooling water, water deoxidization etc by using waste water after treatment effectively, can greatly reduce the consumption of water resources in the process of production, the purpose of water saving and environmental protection. 7, increase the proportion of old sand regeneration in the casting process of clay green sand and resin sand, in the process of recycling will be because of the failure of clay, sand, broken and so on to produce a large number of invalid dust, influence on the performance of the molding materials used. Fill the new sand, throw away the old sand is a direct and simple way to solve the above problem. Old sand regeneration is minimum cost, the method of solving the problem of the environmental protection in the foundry enterprises should improve the old sand regeneration rate to reduce the molding material impact on the environment. Second, improve the environment in the process of production management level of environmental protection in the process of production to do it safely, realizing clean production; In the process of daily production to strengthen the management affect the environment in the process of production links, should do the following: 1, cupola, electric arc furnace and melting furnace and furnace pretreatment station shall be equipped with flue gas emissions and purifying the effective system; Induction furnace flue gas emissions should be equipped with effective device; Sand, sand cleaning equipment shall be equipped with effective ventilation and dust removal facilities. 2, the burden charging must be properly before purification treatment. 3, process exhaust, Benzene content, acid mist, triethylamine, etc. ) Focus on generating station equipped with appropriate and effective convulsions purification facilities. 4, according to the sewage discharge and quantity, kinds and content of pollution factors, the suitable method of effective governance, and establish the corresponding sewage treatment facilities. 5, regular monitoring: the pollutant discharge outlet ( Point) Set monitoring point, according to the regulations, regular monitoring of main pollutant emissions, ensure the discharging standard and continuous improvement. Casting technology in the environmental protection requirements! Keep the enterprise all environmental protection treatment facilities ( Including industrial waste gas, YanFenChen, sewage, noise and other governance facilities) Normal and effective operation, and maintenance of equipment operation and maintenance of records. 6, the production and environmental protection equipment are no run, run, drip, leak phenomenon, key generation station and noise propagation path configuration sound insulation, sound absorption, noise elimination and so on single or comprehensive control facilities.
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