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Casting processing should be paid attention to details

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-24
On to produce parts, casting machining manufacturer using casting technology is a more common way, because this way has the very good quality products, the use is more convenient, so welcome by people and that when using the casting process to what details need to pay attention to? The first point, the modelling, modelling with the electric fan in the rotation or move, be sure to turn off the power supply, electric operation, easy to cause injuries, machine model, if the workers do not pay attention to put his hand on the sand box modelling, as at this time to start the top switch, also easy to cause the fingers comminuted fracture, so you must be aware of operators at work. The second point, medium frequency melting furnace: smelting, for container classes scrap steel, etc. , want special attention, artificial fillers, best can wear protective equipment, in case of molten iron splash hurt. Because the casting process is a very dangerous job, so in operation, staff need to to do a good job of corresponding protection all the dangerous items, in this case, to minimize the incidence of accident, ensure the safety of workers.
The importance of molding machine has increased as quenching furnace manufacturers have become a must in our daily life.
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