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Casting processing includes which aspects

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-24
Casting processing factory for us to introduce, casting is refers to the solid metal melting as liquid into the specific shape of the casting, to a way of processing the coagulation. At the time of processing, need to be prepared to mold, and mold according to the materials used, can be divided into sand mold, metal, ceramic, mud, graphite, etc. , in accordance with the use of the number of words can be divided into one-time, semi permanent and permanent type, this area is the main factor that affects the quality of the casting. And then be a cast metal melting and pouring, casting metal mainly include all kinds of cast iron, cast steel and casting non-ferrous metal and alloy. Casting processing and inspection, including remove foreign body, core and the casting surface to remove water the riser, relief grinding burrs and phi seam protruding content and heat treatment, such as plastic, rust and rough machining and so on. Actually melt metal melting is not only simple, but also including smelting process, the metal poured into the mold, in terms of temperature, chemical composition and purity, meet the expected requirement.
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